1. The current education system现行教育体制
2. bookworm书呆子
3. the practical application of what they have learned他们所学知识的实际运用
4. challenge examination-oriented education挑战应试教育
5. advocate quality-oriented education倡导素质教育
6. focus on the students? ability as a whole重视培养学生的整体能力
7. 442. bring up a new generation培养一代新人
8. compulsory education义务教育
9. Some academic works are full of plagiarisms.一些学术作品里充满了剽窃来的思想和文字。
10. impart knowledge(to)传授知识
11. the soul engineer of mankind 人类灵魂的工程师
12.raise teachers’ social status and improve their material welfare提高教师社会地位,改善教师物质待遇。